To the Editor,

The Waxahachie ISD was created more than 150 years ago. Since that time, generation after generation has stepped up to accept the responsibility of providing quality education opportunities to the students in their city through providing facilities that allow then to receive a good education without cutbacks or close-mindedness.

Each generation saw a need for new classrooms and voted to meet those needs. Their instinct to say “no new taxes” was overcome by an obligation to provide facilities that met the essential requirements of providing a good education.

The current high school is 48 years old. It is not adequate to serve the 1,500+ that attend WHS right now. Although it can be recycled to function well for the much smaller 429 students of Global High and students attending The High School of Choice and Challenge Academy, it cannot and should not be renovated to provide a facility for a student population that is projected to reach 3,000 students within the next seven years.

We must plan for the future, it is our responsibility. We received a good education because our parents and their parents understood that they had a fundamental responsibility to provide for future generations. It is our bond with our past and our obligation for the future. Vote yes

Dr. Michael and Kay Leath

41 year Waxahachie residents