(StatePoint) From efficient rail and bus systems to safe roads and bridges, the public relies on high-quality transportation infrastructure -- its functionality is crucial for a strong economy. This, according to a new analysis developed by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), which finds that proposals to cut federal funding for public transit would put more than $227 billion in economic activity at risk nationwide over six years.

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With public transit ridership reaching 10.8 billion trips in 2014, the largest ridership in 58 years, advocates -- including more than 300 organizations, community groups, elected officials, business leaders and citizens in nearly every state -- urged Congress to invest long term in transportation infrastructure. Communities across the nation organized events on April 9 as a part of APTA’s “Stand Up For Transportation” advocacy day to call attention to this issue.

“Defunding public transportation will devastate towns large and small and communities both rural and urban,” says Michael Melaniphy, APTA President & CEO. “Comprehensive, long-term federal legislation is needed to provide funding for repair, maintenance and expansion of America’s roads, bridges and transportation systems.”

To read the APTA analysis, visit www.apta.com. To learn more, visit www.standup4transportation.org.

Whether you drive a car, take a bus or hop a subway car, strong transportation infrastructure stands to benefit you and your local economy, say experts.