To the Editor,

Our hope is in our future. My family moved to Midlothian six years ago, largely due to the small community with good schools. We have voted at each election, putting our trust in the candidates elected. We have not been disappointed. However, our district is changing and growing. Families with school-aged children continue to move into the Midlothian district each year. In the midst of this growth, we need people on our school board who value the community’s past and have a vision for its future.

Heather Prather is such a person. She has chosen to raise her own children in her hometown. Her interest in serving the community on the school board is sincere, heartfelt, and well-intentioned. I believe in her, I know her, and I trust her. Her professional and volunteer background, strong communication skills, and personal integrity make her an ideal school board candidate who can help bring new life to our growing district.  

If you don’t know Heather personally, take the time to ask questions and get to know her and  each of the candidates. Heather is deeply committed to the citizens, parents, school district, and children of Midlothian. Our district is worth your time and attention. Our children deserve it. As Heather’s campaign slogan says, “Together ... we can do better.” Vote Heather Prather for MISD School Board, Place 3.  

Tracy Brown,