To the Editor,

Let me smooth out just a tad of the last letter. I did not  mean just because I did not have a diploma we ever had to go on welfare. But, that part about me not graduating was “rat”on the mark. Now, we have been blessed beyond what we deserve. (Bet you have, too).  Now, as I look back at the life I have lived, I,  just like you all, have seen hard times and good times. I recall that I learned how to weld so good that the company I worked for at that time wanted to send me to England to teach welding to the men that were to be welders. Later on, I had an opportunity to teach at a naval shipyard in Norfolk,Va. Then, (last one, I promise) I welded for a contractor for the NASA space program. This one I really liked. I got to where I could weld stainless steel that could pass an X-ray test. Now, I said all of that to make this point. Keep your nose to the grindstone, you will be glad you did. You say you cannot afford to go to college? Hey, all is not lost. I know some men that never went to college.Today, one has made more than $100,000 in a year. More than once, too. Another one went to a trade school to learn air conditioning. Today, he owns his own shop. What you do with your life is up to you. But, what is most important is the kind of young person you will become. Now remember this truth, YOU can do whatever you want. Now you young people PLEASE do not let us down. Bless you all.

David Nance,