To the Editor,

Regardingthe school board election: A conversation happened the other day regarding the people running for Midlothian ISD school board. The names went something like this: Mr. Matt Cooper, Mr. Duke Burge, Mr. Todd Hemphill, etc. OH ... and “some mom.”

I do not know anything about any of the bravef olks running for school board. However, I will tell you what I do know:

I get at least one email a day from “some mom” regarding an event they have planned at the school for our kids. Did you know that “some mom” has raised THOUSANDS of dollars for our schools by sitting at her kitchen table night after night cutting out the little box tops, attaching them to the required sheet and sending them in? (Who does that?) “Some mom” went around town and gained donations of various items in order to host a live auction. The money that “some mom” raised was enough to buy new P.E. equipment. “Some mom” drove to Arlington at the last minute to get the correct popcorn needed to have an appreciation party for those that volunteer during the year. Would you believe that “some mom” creates the most glamorous, unforgettable Daddy Daughter Dance every year? There is “some mom” out there that sends out a text regarding all of the changes and events of the Panthers baseballseason. “Some mom” has raised enough money to purchase iPads for the entire school! “Some mom” just recently served breakfast to 400 of our seniors. We have “some mom” at every school, every single day whose only job is to help make our kids the best they can be.

I don’t know anything about how or what the school board actually does. I have to believe it is in place to ensure that our kids have the best resources available to help them succeed. With that being said, it seems only logical to have “some mom” on our Midlothian ISD school board! Luckily we have “some mom” willing to be a voice for our kids … Heather Praither.

Michelle Massey,