To the Editor,

Still working on your 2014 IRS tax return?  I’ve finished mine.  I had a professional prepare it; again. I’ve been doing this for over 50 years.

Ever wonder how much we Americans spend annually paying tax “professionals” to prepare our tax return? According to the Tax Foundation, last year Americans spent over $457 BILLION trying to comply with the complex IRS tax code. The saddest thing; it’s so unnecessary.

There is legislation currently before congress which, if adopted, would replace the 74,000 page income tax code with a simple, 133 page national sales tax. It also ABOLISHES THE IRS! The FairTax legislation, H.R. 25, has languished in the House Ways and Means committee for over 10 years.  It’s never even been brought to the Ways and Means committee table for its consideration and vote.  And yes it’s true; neither congressmen nor lobbyists want the FairTax!  Without the income tax and IRS they can no longer sell and buy “tax favors” in exchange for re-election campaign contributions.  Oh, the shame of it all.

Email and/or phone your representative; urge him/her to get off their butt, get the FairTax bill to the Ways and Means table and onto the House floor.

Glen E Terrell,

Arlington, Texas