To the Editor,

On Saturday, May 9, the citizens/taxpayers will have the opportunity to participate in a historical school bond election. 

What makes this election special are two major issues. Number one is the dollar amount.  $125 million is the largest amount of bond money that Waxahachie ISD has ever called for. Number two is, that within this amount of funding, is the construction of a new high school. Over the past 98 year’s history of WISD, two high schools have been built — 1917 and 1970. There was a great need then; there is a great need now!  The reasons for new high schools in 1917 and 1970 were rapid growth and outdated facilities. Those reasons are the same in 2015.

My personal opinion has always been that the best money spent is on the future of our children. That investment will pay back many times and many ways in the society which they will grow into strong teachers and state-of-the-art facilities are needed to make this happen.  Our children need nothing less.

I ask that you join me in voting in this historic election for the building of a new high school.  Two high schools that served students for a span of 98 years makes voting for this new high school a solid 50 year investment.  As an aside, the 1917 and 1970 buildings are still being used as educational facilities today. 

I hope you will participate in this historic election.

Max Simpson,

Retired WISD Educator