Today’s world feeds into the desire for instant gratification. I bet you know what you want and you want it now. The traditional reasons to achieve a healthy weight such as managing chronic disease, avoiding early death, and looking good do not come instantly. These are long-term benefits that are vitally important, but difficult to remember when a pizza is staring you in the face. Sometimes you need instant gratification in order to stay motivated. Here are three things I noticed fairly quickly when I began to lose weight.

1. Easier Movement – When you can suddenly squat down to reach things in the back of your bottom kitchen cabinet and it doesn’t take you all day to get back up, you are in a good place. I remember dreading this simple task and even coming up with ways to avoid it. The first time I was able to do this with ease, I was ecstatic. Or, think about whether you avoid getting onto the floor for fear of the work it takes to get back up. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to easily get up and down on your own? Even a flight of stairs can be daunting if you are out of shape. Surprisingly, a moderate amount of physical exercise can quickly strengthen muscles, encourage weight loss, and help make these movements easier.

2. Easier Sleep – Missing out on sleep makes you sluggish and doesn’t leave you feeling the best. Regular exercise and healthy foods make sleep come easier. I was surprised how much better I started sleeping when I started an exercise program. It was a great side effect that encouraged me to keep going. This positive feedback cycle certainly helped me make the right choices when faced with unhealthy foods or a lazy day on the couch.

3. Easier Leisure Time – I used to dread family outings. I can remember many times where my friends and family wanted to take a simple hike and I knew I couldn’t keep up and I’d be miserable. Either I missed out completely, or I trudged along feeling out of breath, with tired legs and light-headedness. There are some beautiful things to see in this world that have no vehicle access. I love being able to take a hike with friends to see a gorgeous waterfall or simply to enjoy their company. The work it takes to achieving a healthy weight quickly gave me the ability to enjoy these moments long before I reached my ultimate goals.

It can take a long time to achieve your ultimate weight goal. The promise of living longer or quitting chronic disease medications can seem too far off to be motivating in the present. However, easier movement, sleep, and leisure time start to happen fairly quickly when you exercise consistently and eat healthy foods.  Give healthy living a try and find out how instant your gratification can be. Use this to fuel you as your discover success can be yours.

Sheila Ray is a resident of Waxahachie and owner of Reforming U Fitness Studio.  Sheila provides personal and group fitness training, as well as motivation and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.  Want tips and motivation for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight?  Grab her free ebook at, then check out the classes offered at her studio, which can be found at the same site.