(NAPSI)—Your skin is responsible for protecting you from the world around you. In return, you can protect it from the ravages of sun, smoke and chemicals. Here are hints on how:

1. Shun the sun. To reduce your risk of excess ultraviolet exposure—which can lead to premature aging, wrinkles and dry skin—try to avoid the midday sun and wear a sun protection factor of at least 15 whenever you do go out, anytime, any season, any weather.

2. Don’t smoke. In addition to other issues, smoking (and second-hand smoke) is bad for your skin and can lead to wrinkles.

3. Drink (filtered water) to your health. You can keep yourself well hydrated from the inside out if you get your eight glasses a day. It doesn’t all have to be water, but keep alcohol and sugary soft drinks to a minimum.

4. Eat right. Foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, can knock out free radicals that damage the skin. Broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, oats, kiwi, pomegranates and blueberries are some of the most antioxidant-rich choices you can make. Watch your salt intake, since sodium dries out the skin.

5. Exercise your right to good skin. Those who are strong and physically fit have a wealth of lean muscle tone that helps prevent sagging skin and wrinkles. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and be as active as you can—taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking the dog often, riding a bike instead of driving to the store.

6. Use a natural, anti-aging skin care product. Avoid chemical-laden skin creams; the chemicals and synthetic ingredients can do more harm than good. Skin care products made from 100 percent natural botanicals soothe even sensitive skin. For example, many women have found they can have softer, smoother, younger-looking skin overnight, and dramatically diminished wrinkles, when they use Trilane Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Squalane.

It brings together two extraordinary botanicals—ultrahydrating olive squalane and firming jojoba esters—into one pure, powerful, all-natural formula.

According to Dr. Aaron Tabor, a distinguished medical researcher, the product:

• Firms and lifts your skin

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Smooths and softens for a luxuriously silky feel

• Deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin

• Reduces dry, rough, flaky skin.

Your face can look richly hydrated with a luminosity you may not have seen in years.

The emollient-rich olive oil extract has the remarkable ability to make skin smooth, supple, moisturized and radiantly restored. Squalane works well even with the most sensitive skin because it occurs naturally in your skin. Plus, squalane is a powerful free-radical fighter to protect skin from premature aging.

Over the years, your natural supply of squalane diminishes, limiting your natural skin defenses against beauty robbers such as the sun, a sugar-laden diet and a dwindling estrogen supply. These age accelerators break down the collagen and elastin in your skin, resulting in sagging and wrinkles.

Because Trilane Anti-Aging Moisturizer is chemical-free, it can vanquish wrinkles and other signs of aging without irritation, itching, redness or swelling. It balances and tones every skin type—from dry to oily to combination skin.

The moisturizer has many more uses:

• Put it on your lips as a base for lipstick or for a dewy finish.

• Rub it into dry cuticles and hands for healing relief.

• Use it as a primer to make foundation glide on easily for a more natural look.

• Dab it on cheeks after applying blush for a youthful glow.

• Apply to elbows, knees and heels to smooth rough, flaky skin.

• Use it after a day outdoors to ease the effects of overexposure to sun or wind.

• Add a few drops to a warm bath to nourish dry skin.

• Rub it through your hair to tame frizz and impart shine.

To see how well Trilane Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Squalane works for you, call 1-800-931-9929 and find out how you can get a FREE full-size bottle, for just the cost of shipping and handling.


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