The FarmGirls wear many hats we garden, we educate, we have a radio show, Donelle teaches pilates, Marilyn designs landscapes, we install landscapes, we share essential oils, we can and preserve our food. We are busy people.  

Many years ago Donelle returned home from an extended stay in Europe.  She had been involved in the business virtually.  She ran the e-mails, website and newsletters from Europe. When she returned she yearned for the community she experienced in Europe. She claimed, the Europeans move at a much slower pace. She hoped for days with long lunches and afternoon teas.

Our first community effort was hosting a chili cook-off in our back yard.  It was delightful.  We had eight or so entries and complete strangers came and bonded in our back yard. Ironically several people that came were already neighbors that had never met.  

Through the years we have had meet ups, hosted Farm to Fork Dinners, we have directed 5k runs, we have held Pollyanna Days (no reason, no fee, just gather for the sake of gathering), we have hosted teas and developed community through our educational classes.

This past week we experienced community.  My granddaughter, Rena Grace, 9 years old had a project due. She had six weeks to accomplish this project that would require adult supervision and assistance.  

The problem was the adults were unaware of project until two weeks before it was due.

The project was to build a model of a miniature community, a city that would include hospital, library, school, apartment building, police department, fire station, parks, post office, law offices, store to service needs such as restaurants, dress shops and grocery stores.  

This was to be complete with roads, street signs, people and parking lots.  

The biggest challenge was to help Rena to visualize the structure of a city.  My friend Judie Miller took Rena with a wipe off board to downtown Waxahachie, she had Rena write down what she saw.  She saw the courthouse, law offices, water department, The Doves Nest, Field to Meal, a park and etc.  

They came back and compared Rena’s list to the requirements. The components were gathered and construction began.

The following weekend, Super Bowl Sunday and week nights we watched the community unfold, as Rena, family and friends worked and rallied with

Rena to design and implement a model of a city, a community on a 2 foot by 30-inch foam board.   

“Historicville” was structured from painted blocks, colored sand, cardboard boxes, buttons, pop sickle sticks, water bottles, toilet paper rolls, masking tape, duct tape and other recycled stuff.  This was a big reach for a 9 year old.  

Perplexed friends commented on why a teacher would assign such a monumental task to a third grader.  I suspect she was expecting a “community” effort in each child’s life to occur. It takes a village to raise a child.  The FarmGirls are proud to be a part of that village.

Tune in to be a part of our community on Fridays at 1 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. on Legends 770 AM, join us online through our group on Facebook: FarmGirls Garden Tips, and stop by our store FarmGIrls Market 3708 N Highway 77 Waxahachie.  Don’t forget to contact us for a wellness consult, 214-497-3918. From our garden gate to yours…