To the Editor,

Let us look at this mess we have on Marvin Avenue. The city seems to be hell bent to have their way concerning “improving” Marvin Avenue. Where do they get the idea that Marvin needs to be improved? If this goes forward, it will be improved exactly like N. Highway 77 and, I  think, we all know how that turned out. That was a complete disaster. I really think the people that live on Marvin Avenue, and the people that live close by, should have 80 to 90 percent say in this matter. The city has made the point of people speeding (going over the speed limit), and thus breaking the law. Well we used to have a police department that enforced the law. Why not see if perhaps this could be done again? In my humble opinion I would strongly suggest that we ALL work together to solve any problems we may have. Hey, a thought just popped into my head. I have the perfect solution for all of this and it will not cost anybody one red cent. Since everybody is getting all worked up about all this (and, it is a really a bad idea) why not just everybody forget about it?

David Nance,