To the Editor,

Well, here I go again. Remember when I said “we must, if we are to survive as a Nation, change the way we think.” But I fear that may come a little bit too late. You see, we are a Christen nation. We think we are, anyhow. And, by virtue of us being the way we are, our way of thinking has been like this. We are comfortable with the way we feel. Sometimes we get a little too much comfortable, even smug, perhaps. Now, let us look at our “fearless leaders.” Our President has been in office for six years. Everything that has come down the pike so far has been the work of the Democratic Party. I do not for a minute, believe there has not been one single thing that the ruling party has done without the President’s hand in it. Everything that has happened in this once great country we call home has been at his direct order.  This would be a good time to take a look at what he has done. There has been mounting evidence that he was never born in this country. Remember when he had his background sealed? I used to think he did that because to do so would render him ineligible for the Presidency. I think there is far more to it than that. For instance, since he has been President, terrorism has exploded. He will not call them terrorists. He is releasing them from Gitmo, and, they are going back to the battlefield just as quickly as they can. Have you in the history of our country ever seen a past President that is as friendly to people that has sworn to kill us as he is? Over in some Muslim country, a bunch of Muslims got together. The purpose was to honor Obama. Now this was six months after Obama became President.  At that meeting, they gave him the name “lightning” because he did so much to destroy America in such a short time. Of course, you remember when he said this: “should the political winds shift, I will stand with the Muslim people.” If that does not show where his allegiance is, I don’t have a clue as to what it would take to wake people up. And now, he is getting all cozy with a Communist country. I have seen reports that a terrorist cell has been discovered in Washington, D.C. More on that later. Ya’ll have a blessed week. Ya’ hear?

David Nance,