To the Editor,

In response to the letter to the editor from Alan Fox, the audacity of free speech was evident in a long diatribe that was pointed out to me. It seems a long winded self proclaimed speaker AT others has once yet again vomited his thoughts into the paper, as he does continuously. I cannot believe he had the audacity to say, “I rebuke their assumption that they speak for the majority. They speak only for the few they are. And sure as heck not for me.” And yet continue in a diatribe that ended with “But one has to wonder what fuels some who whine. Are they still intoxicated and speak from under the influence of sour grapes?” Yet he claimed to defend free speech while attacking others.

In light of recent elections and the swing to the right is he continuing his hot air diatribes in these pages simply from a sour grapes standpoint? Does he really just speak for himself or does he wish to convert others to his hate filled insulting thoughts? Yet again I ask, when is enough enough?

Daryl Stanford,