(StatePoint) American public transit ridership is the highest itís been in 57 years, according to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), and millennials are riding the most -- in fact, nearly half of this generation say they have ridden public transit in the past six months.

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More than three out of five millennials whoíve taken public transportation in the past month say they use their smartphones on public transit for every trip. These millennials arenít just biding their time, theyíre doing work, socializing and being productive, which is why itís no wonder that many transit systems are looking to make upgrades that will help riders get more done while commuting.

Features such as smartphone charging stations on vehicles and facilities, fare collection via smartphone, Wi-Fi, 4G and 3G access, and apps that connect public transit access to local amenities are being adopted across the country. Information about the adoption of these improvements and their economic effects on local communities can be found at www.publictransportation.org.

As investment in public transportation infrastructure continues to grow, riders can expect to see more improvements that make commutes easy, comfortable and productive.