I love what the local Presbyterian tribe is doing with Little Libraries. Working with the local Girl Scouts makes it even better. Way to go team!  

Making our community a better place is both a good thing and a God thing.

I hate our new big grocery store. Hate is probably too strong of a word. We lost some community when we gained square footage. But … what do I know?

I love that we celebrated MLK Jr. Day. God still cares about people that are oppressed. I hate self-check.

I love that the same big grocer now carries Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. No doubt they can do this because of the added square footage. Life is full of compromise :-)  

I hate that the church has its nose in too many books, attends too many meetings and that the same field trips (living a missional life daily) we loved in school are now loathed.

I love that we have less than three semesters before we can become empty nesters. I hate that we have less than three semesters before we can become empty nesters.

I love my favorite barista recently told us that going back to school was a necessity.  

I hate Christmas is 11 months away.  

I love my church.  

I hate what church too often becomes — a social watering hole where we talk about sports, the weather and gossip.

I love the two guys I gather with on Tuesday morning for what we call Fight Club, we fight the good fight of faith together.  

I hate winter.

I love summer, spring too.  

I still hate TCU missed the CFB playoffs. Hate is probably not a strong enough word.

I love Easter is around the corner. I hate Jesus died on a cross (He had too).

I love the last book Dr, Seuss wrote, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” was also his best selling. We need encouraging and we need hope.  Today is your day to move mountains so make it count.

I love Jesus came out of that grave.  

I love my birthday is today.  Happy Birthday to me!

I hate my faith is too often, too weak. I love that God is good, faithful, dependable and He loves me regardless if I am “good” or “bad.”

Ken Ansell is the pastor of Community Life Church in Waxahachie (www.communitylifechurch.tv). The church meets at 10:30 Sunday mornings at the Waxahachie Country Club.