To the Editor,

So. The election results are in and the Republican Party did very well. Did they really do that well, or is it that the Democrats did so poorly? What did they do to do so well? What was their agenda? What will they do with their newfound power? Regardless of the answers to the posed questions, I will suggest they will do nothing meaningful … $472,581.

What I believe they should do is to pass meaningful legislation, even though they know it will be vetoed. They must do the people’s work and make Obama be the “Party of NO.” I am just a guy, but here is a list of what the new majority should do to move the Republic forward and the “Party of NO” be damned.    $842,427

The Republicans should pass the first “real” budget with real cuts in growth through the resolution appropriations process since the error of Clinton. The president, of course will veto it. $1,047,897

The Republicans should follow through on their promises of meaningful tax reform. Personally, I am an advocate of the national retail sales tax called the FairTax. Again, the president will undoubtedly veto the legislation.    $1,294,461

The Republicans should do something concrete about the out of control spending. The legislation titled the “One Percent Spending Act of 2014” should be reintroduced and passed. This is a plan that will actually cut spending by one penny (1 percent) and balance the budget on a matter of years. The democrats will howl and again, the President will veto it. $1,705,401

The Republicans should pass legislation approving the American portion of the XL pipeline. We are on the verge of energy independence and that pipeline can play a big role and create thousands of good paying American jobs. What will President Obama do with this?    $2,013,606

The Republicans should continue to do whatever it takes to do away with the government take over of one-sixth of the economy. Our healthcare should be in our hands and not in the hands of mindless bureaucrats. Of course, Obama will never allow his legacy to be dismissed in this way. $2,321,811

The Republicans should pass border controls that are serious before there is any consideration regarding the millions of illegals here. Obama’s extra constitutional actions need to be countered with legislation that will be vetoed (of course). $2,630,016

If you are still reading this, and wondering about the money numbers, this represents the amount of debt added to your children and grandchildren liability. And the grand total is … $2,979,315 (That’s almost $3 Billion!!)

Bill Carson,

Streetman, Texas