The Texas A&M Aggies U12 girls soccer team won the 5-on-5 soccer tournament in Mansfield.

The team has no affiliation with the university of the same name the Texas A&M Aggies is just the name the seven girls on the team chose to use during the tournament, head coach Jade Andrews said.

“We (usually) play under the name Strikers in the Waxahachie Soccer Association,” Andrews said.

On the first day of the tournament the team, beat the Red Oak Divas 6-2, before getting a 6-1 victory over the Cedar Hill Jaguars and a 5-0, shutout victory against the Midlothian Sparks. The Texas A&M Aggies then faced off against the Red Oak Divas again in the championship game, where once again they excelled over the Divas, 4-3.

Andrews said that he couldn’t be more proud of his team, which he has coached for about four years.

“I love everyone of them like they’re my own daughters,” Andrews added.

The girls on the team are used to the winning spotlight though, he said.

“I think since we’ve been in the Waxahachie Soccer Association, the girl’s team has never finished below second place.”