To the Editor,

My family and I have read the WDL for years! Such a fantastic paper that really does contribute to the small town feel and close family environment. My three grandchildren are students at WHS, all on sports teams. I do have to say that I admire the effort the sports editor puts into his work. With this spike in flu season I am not often able to make it to every game, I enjoy getting frequent updates letting me know how the teams are doing. I was able to meet Geoffrey at one of the games, such a respectable man and a great asset to the WDL. Basketball season is demanding with the amount of games and lack of popularity ... but it makes the kids feel on top of the world when someone is paying attention to all of them and not just the volleyball or football teams. I am VERY impressed with the compassion, dedication, love, and creativity he puts into his work. It is so important to make our athletes feel like they matter. Way to go WDL on a job well done. I look forward to reading what he puts out in 2015! GO INDIANS!!!!!!!

Best wishes and Happy New Year.

Judy Prato,