To the Editor,

By “legislators,” I mean those who serve in the U.S. Congress, and those legislators at the state and local levels. They all seem to forget that they serve the people who voted for them and not merely for themselves and their very wealthy special interests.

We need more legislators who are middle road oriented and who balance our needs and objectives in an intelligent and rational manner.

We all have lost the art of compromise, which was very important to the men who developed our Constitution. Balance is crucial in making our democratic Republic work properly, but we’ve tossed all of that balance out the window.

Legislators rather do nothing than to compromise and be reasonable with their perceived enemies on either side. It needs to stop because we are committing national suicide. In addition, being “politically correct” (whatever that is these days) is destroying what was great about our nation.

Once upon a time we called a Christmas tree a Christmas tree. It didn’t matter. Now all of a sudden we can’t function without being “politically correct.”

I say throw political correctness out the window, along with most of our legislators. We deserve better.

Peter Stern,

Driftwood, Texas