To the Editor,

Why should Waxahachie be left in the dark any longer and not know what is going on in the football coaching search? Our selection committee needs to understand how committed Waxahachie is to being a city of champions! Coach Sam Harrell has thrown his name in the hat to be our next football coach. While at Ennis he had 12 seasons of 10-plus wins, a 31-game winning streak, and three state titles. In his last 10 seasons he outscored his competition by nearly 300 points per season. Waxahachie has a chance to secure on of the five best coaches in all the state of Texas. Ennis just won another State Championship, Coach Harrell is the ONLY coach that would strike fear in their program and would draw a line in the sand for all other Class 5A competition.

Iím speaking for Coach Harrell and not against any of the other candidates. The facts are the facts and Coach Harrellís record speaks for itself. He should be the next head† coach of the Waxahachie Indians.

If you agree that Coach Harrell should be the next head football coach of the Waxahachie Indians, please let your voice be heard. Please call the WISD Superintendentís office at 972-923-4631.

Bob Bullard,

Edward Bullard,

Gary Costlaw,

Reuben Regalado,

Ronnie Bullard,