Glenn Heights is on track for a Neighborhood Wal-Mart to be located on Hampton Road at Ovilla Road. The city council unanimously approved the plat and Special Use Permit for the site recently.

The Wal-Mart will cover a little more than 11 acres of land and will offer residents both a grocery store and a fuel station at the northeast corner of South Hampton Road and Farm-to-Market 664. Glenn Heights Mayor Leon Tate said it is a big step in the progress of the city overall.

“Bringing an internationally recognized business such as Wal-Mart to the city of Glenn Heights shows the business community we are, ‘Open for Business; The right kind of business,’” said Tate. “Our citizens have repeatedly asked for their own supermarket. P&Z, staff and council have delivered.”

Tate also said in order to increase the economic outcome and reduce the environmental impact of traffic issues at the corner of South Hampton and FM 664, it is important that the Texas Department of Transportation decides in favor of Tate’s request for a median break on FM 664 and a signal light erected at Santa Rosa Drive.

Currently, TxDOT is finalizing the FM 664 expansion plans and Tate explained, “We want to minimize potential traffic congestion for our citizens and the surrounding cities.”

The Glenn Heights City Council and staff have made it a priority to hear the citizens and work to accomplish both the long and short term goals of residents, he said.

“We are pleased to meet the needs of our citizens in a manner which help improve their quality of life,” Tate said. “Wal-Mart is the first of many great opportunities that will evolve next year. I plan to use the future Wal-Mart development and the restored bus service-level of DART as a major catalyst to drive future business to the city of Glenn Heights in 2015.”

As the only city south of Dallas to have mass transportation, Tate said he believes it is time to leverage this benefit, which is already paid for with .01 percent of the city’s sales and use taxes, with an eye toward promoting continual business development.

“We are actively seeking to engage restaurants, medical and education institutions, technical and charter schools, and developers wishing to bring unique mixed-use developments to our city,” Tate said.