Members of the Commissioners Court heard a presentation from Julie Johncox of Moncrief Cancer Institute. The institute, in addition to having a new facility in Fort Worth, will offer mobile screening by February 2015.

“By February of next year, you will have a full service cancer screening and services in Ellis County,” Johncox said.

The service will be through a mobile screening and treatment center that is built inside a commercial tractor trailer unit. This center is an extension of the Moncrief Cancer Center funded through a grant from the William A. and Elizabeth B. Moncrief Foundation.

“The mission of the mobile unit is for the support of survivors during and after cancer treatment,” Johncox said.

Among the other area cancer patients and survivors, they will be targeting indigent, rural, uninsured and medicare patients.

Survivorship programs will include breast screening, colorectal screening, wellness and exercise programs, personalized nutritional counseling and psychological counseling for survivors and family members.

“One of the major benefits of this program is the genetic screening and risk assessment for families with a history of cancer,” Johncox said.

Covering an eight-county area, Ellis County is one of the counties included along with Tarrant, Dallas, Parker, Wise, Erath, Somerville, Hood, Johnson and Navarro counties. In those counties, the program has partnered with hospitals and clinics to provide the services.

“This program is at no cost to the county or to the patients,” Johncox said.

An action item before the commissioners was the annual funding of health care for indigent patients. The action item approved the counties support of $440,000 through the Ellis County Indigent Care Affiliation agreement and administered through the Ellis County Health Care Corporation.

According to County Auditor, the assistance goes to county hospitals and clinics for unreimbursed health care expenses, and assist with the burden of those expenses.

One of the clinics that receives these funds is Hope Clinic in Waxahachie. The action item passed unanimously.

Other action items passed were:

• The final replat of Summit Estates, Phase I containing 57 lots.

• A release of a subdivision construction bond to International Fidelity Insurance Company innthe amount of $1,180,777.

• An agreement between the County and TXDot associated with improvement of on system bridges along FM 664.

• The appointment of Carol Connolly to NCTCOG Area Agency on Aging Board with a term beginning Jan. 1, 2015 through Dec. 31 2017.

• Approval of FY 2013- 2014 Equitable Sharing agreement.

• Approval of FY 2014 Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Report by the Ellis County Sheriff department.

• Approval of the Law Enforcement Application for Participation in the Federal Governments 1033 program.