(StatePoint) Whether venturing around the world or road-tripping across your home state, traveling smart can help you get the most out of your vacation without over-spending.

Nine out of 10 Americans think they are smart travelers, according to a Bank of America survey, but only 54 percent are planning their vacations in advance and only 38 percent use credit card rewards to help offset costs.

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Travel Channel host and expert, Samantha Brown, has partnered with Bank of America to offer these tips to help Americans raise their travel and budget IQ:

Work out the details before departure. Send your itinerary and contact information to loved ones.

Alert your credit card company that you’ll be traveling, especially when going overseas. And check to see if they waive foreign transaction fees.

Apply for TSA pre-check to get through airport security faster.

Follow your airline, hotel, the city you’re traveling to, and sites you plan to see on social media.  “When you connect with businesses they’ll send you deals directly and give you great advice on what to do locally. They can often prove to be a helpful resource.” she says.

Simple steps like these can save you time and money, while protecting you from the unexpected.