If you’re from Maypearl, chances are you know the outgoing and enthusiastic 35-year-old, die-hard Maypearl Panther fan Clint Holley, also known as Mr. Maypearl.

Whether you see him leading the football team out of the tunnel by running in front with the Maypearl flag, performing his half-court shooting show at the Maypearl basketball games or at the local Exxon corner store in Maypearl, you can’t not know Mr. Maypearl.

Ironically, he graduated from rival Italy High School in the Class of 2002, but Holley said Maypearl is his real home.

“I was at Italy once upon a time,” Holley explained to me as he was dressed head-to-toe in Maypearl Panthers clothes. “But now I’’m all Maypearl Panther all the way.”

Holley said that the shooting routine that he performs during the Maypearl High School basketball games started a long time ago.

“One basketball game, when we were playing Alvarado, I just went down to the court and made a half-court shot,” Holley said. “Ever since then it just sky rocketed.”

Maypearl residents, along with visiting fans, enjoy Mr. Maypearl’s halftime show so much that other schools in the area have asked him to come perform the routine.

The shows that used to be performed at halftime were against University Interscholastic League regulations, but the people in Maypearl and Maypearl High School ruled against it and overturned the UIL’s decision to keep Mr. Maypearl off the court.

“We’re doing it at the end of the game,” Holley said. “People stick around to watch me and they still go crazy for it, of course.”

Holley has been performing his halftime show for 21 years, since he was 14 years old.

“I started in November of ‘93,” Holley said. “Even the visitors, the get a kick out it. One time I made a shot and the visitors side stood up and started cheering.”

Holley said that he’s performed in Grandview, Waxahachie and other high schools in the area.

When Mr. Maypearl isn’t at a Panthers football, basketball or baseball game he’s the house keeper at the Maypearl Church of Christ.

As far as leading the football team out of the tunnel and onto field, Holley has been carrying the flag for about 15 years, even at the away games.

“I have a close friend here in town that takes me to the road games,” Holley said.

Holley is favorite memory was actually this year.

“My favorite memory was when we beat the tar out of Italy this year,” Holley said. “We beat them 56 to nothing. Maypearl used to have a hard time with Italy, but I do still have respect for Italy and my friends over there.”

Holley, who is strong in his Christian faith said that one of his favorite things, other than Maypearl sports, is going to “Jesus Camp” every summer at Lake Murray in Oklahoma.

“I’m the head prayer pastor,” Holley said. “This year will be my eleventh year. It’s an amazing camp and I love it. God does amazing things.”

Holley said he gave his life to the Lord when he was about 8 years old.

“God is good all the time, Jesus is amazing,” Holley said.

I began going to Maypearl when I was in the sixth grade, and it didn’t take long for me to meet Mr. Maypearl and make a life-long friend.

When I played sports in high school he would be on the sidelines doing his signature chants and getting the crowd pumped up.

When I say that the whole town knows him, I mean literally. While I was taking pictures of Holley for this column, there were some children (probably second or third graders) running around the football field on the track for PE class and they ran over to Holley yelling “Mr. Maypearl! Mr. Maypearl! Can I have a hug Mr. Maypearl?”

Clint “Mr. Maypearl” Holley is the rockstar of Maypearl and is always having people wanting to take pictures with him and be around him.

Maypearl Panthers sports wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for his enthusiastic, kind-heart persona that he spreads throughout the town.

Even after I graduated from Maypearl High School in 2008, I still remember his biggest catch phrase he would tell everybody.

“I love you brother, but God loves you more.”

You can see Mr. Maypearl performing his half court shot routine at the Panthers basketball games this season, if you don’t know Holley I encourage you go to up and meet him.