The city of Waxahachie has launched a new app for smart phones that will connect residents and visitors with city services, officials and information. The app can be used on an Android and iPhone smart phones.

“The app is called My Waxahachie. It is a free download on iTunes and goggle play for your smart phone,” Director of Communications and Marketing Amy Hollywood said. “The neatest feature on the app is that you can report non-emergency issues within the city limits such as potholes, code enforcement, trash and debris, utility issues, possible water leaks.”

Photos of issue like a pothole can also be sent through the app as well, Hollywood said. Once an issue is reported through the app an email is sent to city staff. The issue will then be entered into the city’s work order system. After a person reports a problem they can track its progress by logging back into the app under the request feature. They can also view other problems that have been reported as well.

Director of Public Works Jeff Chambers said the new app is geared towards helping people.

“It provides another avenue to people to report (issues) that is more convenient for them,” Chambers said. “It does provide the citizen a way that they call follow and see what is happening.”

The app serves as an informational tool. It shows people how they can get in contact with a city council member and the council’s current meeting agenda. In the app there is a link that will direct people to where they pay their utility bill on their phone. People also see the current animals that are available for adoption at the city’s shelter.

“This is not just for our residents we also encourage visitors to download it while they are here. So you can look at events, places to eat and places to stay. You can book a hotel room from the app. It is a portal to our Facebook page,” Hollywood said. “With people’s lives as busy as they are and they are so reliant on their technology it kind of has everything right there at their finger tips on your smart phone.”

Development on the app started in the summer and was developed by PublicStuff. According to it website PublicStuff has developed apps for over 200 organizations and cites report issues such as illegal dumping, landscape issues, graffiti removal and illegal parking. Some of the cities that use apps like this include Philadelphia, Tallahasee, North Miami Beach and Plano.

For more information about the app Hollywood can be reached at city hall at 469-309-4012 or by email at