EDITOR’S NOTE: We asked Wess Winn, community services officer and crime prevention coordinator with the Waxahachie Police Department to write a weekly column in an effort to answer many of the law enforcement-related questions posed by our readers. Here’s this week’s column:

Am I supposed to yield to a vehicle exiting a highway, even if they are exiting onto a two lane service, access or feeder road?  


I hear many complaints from drivers regarding vehicles not yielding when drivers are exiting the highway.  

Even if there is a no yield sign, the driver on the service road (both lanes) shall yield to traffic exiting the highway.  

On some two lane service roads there are solid lines dividing the lanes. This does not mean the driver on the service road does not have to yield. This is to prevent the exiting vehicle from changing lanes too quickly.

Both Highway 287 service roads (north and south bound) in front of the Assembly of God Church are areas I receive questions about frequently.  

It does not matter what lane of the service road you are in. You have to give that vehicle the right of way when exiting.

It is also the duty of the operator of a vehicle to enter a highway from the service road safely. Many people believe the vehicles on the highway have to yield to them when they are entering from the service road but that is totally incorrect.  

Whatever you do when driving do it cautiously.

On a side note I would like to personally thank the Waxahachie Lions Club and its members for their service this past week for the free eye clinic for WISD students. This is done every year, free of charge for many students. Specifically, Dr. Alex Robinson, who took time out of his schedule to provide his professional service to help exam these students.    

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