Several companies around the area are working to give a resident a hand up. Blooming Grove resident Sherrill Hall and her family are the recipient of a brand new roof from Lon Smith Roofing, Owens Corning and Citizens National Bank.

“There is a national program called no roof left behind. That program allows contracts from certain metro areas the opportunity to assist homeowners that are in need of repairs and don’t have the finances wherewith all to make them happen. Mrs. Hall’s son Matt nominated her,” said Scott Hamilton Lon Smith Vice President.

“So we do this every quarter. We have a nomination process. Then we have a selection process of which four of those that were nominated are termed finalists and Mrs. Hall was one of those finalists. Once the finalists are selected it then goes out to the general public for voting.”

Hall and her family have lived in the house for more than 25 years. Her husband George constructed the home. During that time she has raised her family. How she has taken in three grandsons, her great granddaughter, Madison, and the great granddaughter’s mother, Catelin. One of her grandson’s Xavier, who is 16, she has since he was six months old. She also has two other grandchildren that she just watches after school.

“My daughter decided to go live with her boyfriend and left them no where to go. It is just (tough) having the extra ones that you have to feed, cloth and take care of,” Hall said. “It makes a little bit more different then just having them come over the night and then go home in the morning.”

I have always helped to take care of the kids whether they lived here or didn’t, hall said. This could be help to find a pair of shoes to making sure that they had a Christmas.

The other two grandsons Nicholas and Eduardo have been living with her for the past year. The space is small but the years have taken a toll on the house. Water leaks have formed in several areas around the home.

“Well in my bedroom my ceiling is about to fall through. We have go a board holding it up so it won’t fall through. The bathroom leaks. Fortunately some it leaks into the bathtub so that is OK,” Hall said. “Nicholas is sleeping on the cause because that room is not useable. When it rains it is grab all of the buckets because it is really bad.”

Hall said providing a place for her grandchildren to live has given them a lot of stability in their lives.

“Until they permanently came out they seemed like they lived here anyway. Most of the time they came would say at months at a time and then go back. It was kind of on and off, on and off,” Hall said. “They need it (stability). Their mom has said I’m and going to get another place and we are all going to get back together. All of said “I’m not going because we finally got our roots and our place.’”

Hall received 160 total votes but lost out to another person, Hamilton said. After the winner was selected the need for Hall to have a new roof still remained. Hamilton who was touched by Hall’s story reached out to the business community.

“We knew the need that Mrs. Hall had. I reached out to another manufacture and that manufacture was Owens Corning. They are a major employer in the Waxahachie area. I let them know what is going on. They immediacy decided to go ahead and donate the material,” Hamilton said. “This particular job is a little bit more intensive then just the roof. We have got rafters and there are a number of issues that need to be take care of first.”

If was just the roof we would do it in a day but because we have some structural issues with the rafters and such there is more carpentry involved in replacing this roof then normal, Hamilton said.

Some of the other work that will be completed on the project before the new roof goes on is re-bracing the rafters because some shift has been gone one. This has caused the rafters to be pulled away from the center ridge line of the roof dropping down allowing water to enter into the house. New decking will then be installed and then the new roof. Construction is expected to start Monday with the work taking around three days to complete. Hamilton is hopeful that Hall will be in the dry in time before Thanksgiving on Thursday.

“We have had a long-standing business relationship with Lon Smith for 15 years or so as one of their suppliers. Owens corning is a Fortune 500 company that manufactures a lot of building products. Among them is roofing shingles,” said Bo Jackson Owens Coring Area Sales Manager. “Scott Hamilton of Lon Smith he asked us if we would be willing to provide material for a project that they would be working on. They would be proving a number of things including labor to try to help this very deserving woman out and improve her home. We worked with them to provide free shingles to help eliminate the cost.”

She is a remarkable woman. Family is really important and I think that it is great that the kids were able to stay with her. That she did whatever it took to make that happen. I think that speaks tremendously of her commitment to grandkids and taking care of what they need, Jackson said.

Owens Corning is providing $1,600 - $2,000 worth of material for the project. Along with the standard shingles this includes other items such as the flashing reinforcement and the ridge shingles that cap off the roof. The shingles will be coming from Owens Corning’s facility in Irving that manufactures roof shingles. The plant here in Waxahachie manufactures insulation.

Hamilton also reached out to Citizens National Bank for their help on this project. Citizens National Bank is giving $1,000 that will be used to help with project costs.

“We are a community bank and we believe in giving back to the community and helping individuals that need it. She has been a customer with us for a long time. So we wanted to be able to help her,” Carline Ford NB Marketing Director said. “This is just away that we can help contribute and help improve her and her families situation.”

Hall added the new roof is going to help her family tremendously.

“It is going to give us a jump. I don’t know how else to describe it in words,” Hall said.

For more information about the No Roof Left Behind program go to its website at www