Ellis County Amateur Radio Club is proud to congratulate the first members of the Amateur Extra class for passing the FCC test. This is the highest level of amateur radio licenses.

John Denson coordinated the material for teaching the Technical and General license material for Amateur Radio, and then he saw the need for an Amateur Radio Extra class.

The Technical Class License classes were taught by Tom Forhanafel. There have been several technical classes taught this year.

What this means for Ellis County are more storm watchers and more people trained to help with communications if the need.

Ellis County Amateur Radio Club has been busy this fall; they participated in mock disasters. The mock disaster was the first weekend in October. The scenario was a train wreck, carrying caustic chemicals and areas of Red Oak had to be evacuated. The other drill was: Communications drill for the south west and south east quadrants of Ellis county. Both of these tests taught the amateur radio operators where there might be problems in keeping the people of Ellis County safe.

The amateur radio operators are planning on participating in the Waxahachie Christmas Parade on Dec. 6. Often the amateur radio club is asked to handle communications for different public events.