(StatePoint) Rather than using conventional firewood this winter, enjoy a cleaner-burning, convenient fire log thatís well-suited to todayís busy lifestyles.

Fire logs, which are created using materials such as recycled sawdust and fibers blended with wax from paraffins, tree and vegetable oils, produce 80 percent less emissions than a typical wood fire and save millions of trees from use as firewood annually. Manufacturers of fire logs, such as Duraflame, are constantly developing new ways to improve the fire experience. For example, a Duraflame fire log takes only five minutes to reach full flames and comes in different sizes and features to fit any occasion, indoors or outdoors.

More information about fire logs can be found at www.Duraflame.com.

Fire may be one of manís oldest discoveries, but that doesnít mean there isnít room for innovating the way we enjoy one.

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