To the Editor,

My name is Jennifer Reed, our son is a sophomore at Waxahachie Global High. It has come to my attention that Waxahachie ISD has established a LRP committee to help advise of the future of producing a world class education here in Waxahachie. Let me start off by saying, I am all for that! As a community that is experiencing tremendous growth, I am a firm believer that we need new schools and new programs.

My concern is to leave Waxahachie Global High as an entity on itís own. If they move to a new facility other than TC Wilemon thatís perfectly fine with me. I want to speak as the voice of a parent and say our children love being Global kids. We also love being a part of WISD, the homecoming parades and different functions.

Our children love Global and rightfully so. Don Snook was just nominated 1 of the 100 top principals in the nation by Scholastic. Newsweek has ranked Waxahachie Global as one of the top high schools in the nation. Global is full of wonderful educators that teach our children, push them to do their best, and help them grow academically.

Do the children make sacrifices to attend Global? Yes! Was it fair to send out a survey today to the students asking them if they would like extra-curricular activities: sports, choir and drama? In my opinion, it was not fair. The truth of the matter is the district will not receive an honest answer on this topic at this time. Our son was scared to say yes, he was afraid of Global being combined with the high school. He probably would have answered this differently a month ago. He loves basketball, drama, and choir. He made the choice at a young 14 years old to give those activities up in a school setting to attend Global. Does he regret his decision? Absolutely not! He plays on the YMCA teams, takes piano and voice lessons and he is involved in fine arts at church. Would he like these activities at school? Of course. That would be the best of both worlds. However, that is a sacrifice he has made.

Mr. Neal White I have never met you, but after reading your articles for years, I feel as if you are a friend. Please take my letter as a parent to your meeting on Thursday just to reinforce that we parents and the students LOVE Global as it is today. It is a model school and if I recall correctly, Yale came and toured it last year. A building is just that, a building. We do not care what building Global is located in, just itís own.

Mr. White, please express for us that we would like to remain a separate entity on our own. I want to be able to assure my son, that his school will remain as it is. The kids should be focusing on studying and not stressing that their school will be consolidated with the high school.

Thank you for hearing my concerns and sharing with the committee.

Jennifer Reed,