Growing up, the Magic Words were simple phrases your parents insisted upon at home, at school and while visiting friends and family. Please, thank you and you’re welcome made people smile, impressed aunts and uncles, and made a good impression.

At Sunday’s Manners Matter lesson given by hostess Laura Sanders, the Waxahachie Symphony Association’s Belles & Beaus learned that the Magic Words and basic etiquette continue to be important in the real world. While the practice of good manners has diminished with the rise of technology, a polite and refined demeanor is still an attribute appreciated in social and business settings and can help teenagers stand out and be noticed.

Students learned that socially correct behavior is all about observing the Golden Rule you learned in childhood, or just treating others the way you want to be treated. Being kind is often one of the most forgotten forms of etiquette. No matter what the situation, kindness is always appropriate. Students should remember to take other people’s feelings into consideration with the things they do and say.

Teens also learning the importance of good table manners. Belles and Beaus discussed dining with others, starting with lunches with friends in the cafeteria and evolving into first dates and later, business dinners with colleagues. While seated at a formal table, the group learned table manners such as which fork to use, what direction to pass the food around a table and how to butter their bread.

When it comes to dating, Sanders confirmed that chivalry isn’t dead. It is still important for teens to behave as ladies and gentlemen. Especially if they want to be treated as such.

Beaus learned how to gain Brownie Points by open doors and pulling out chairs for ladies as well as always going to the door to pick up their dates. Belles were reminded to always say “thank you” when a gentleman opens their door, seats them, or does anything nice.