Members of the Midlothian Panthers basketball teams kicked off opening of their 2014 season with a community pep rally. This is the second year for the Hoops Madness rally to rev up the players and community for the upcoming season.

The pep rally started outside the gym doors with the members of all of the girls and boys teams for the junior high and high schools welcoming the guest with high fives and knuckle bumps while saying “Welcome” to each and every one entering the doors.

The emcee for the nights was Brad Golden of the Midlothian Booster Club.

“This is going to be a great night,” Golden announced as he told about the various activities of the evening.

In his opening comments he announced the prizes and offers from the silent action. A chance to have your daughter cheer with the cheerleaders, a chance for your son or daughter sit on the bench with the varsity teams, a Jimmie Johnson (NASCAR) signed poster, a green egg cooker and two tickets worth more than $300 to a Mavericks game.

“Something very exciting that never has happened before. Everyone needs to take their seats,” Golden announced. Following his announcement, the lights began to dim to total darkness. At that point both the girls and boys basket ball players entered the court with lighted basketballs, wearing lights and doing dribbling patterns and layups form the crowds entertainment.

A tradition of a middle school basket shooting contest continued with players from Frank Seale and Walnut Grove, who took the free throw line. Each team had three members shoot three baskets, Walnut Groove defended their title successfully and will hang onto the trophy until next year's Hoop Madness.

Each member of the girls varsity team was the first to be introduced onto the court, alongside their coach, Amy Tennison.

“This is going to be a good year following our season motto, The Midlothian Way,” Tennison announced.

Golden began announcing the boys roster beginning with the teams six-foot-nine forward before moving on down the list of the rest of the Panthers 2014 team. With the boys team and managers on the floor, Golden introduced the teams head coach, Terrance McCloud.

“We are a family. We work and support each other like a family. When we break our huddle, we shout 'family',” McCloud said.

Two special guests returned to the pep rally from last year, who entered through the dressing room entrance. The first was Colt, the Maverick’s mascot. Colt was enthusiastic and running around the gym shaking hands and urging the crowd to keep cheering the teams and performers.

The Mavericks' Mavs Man entered the floor and began setting up for his trick hoop shots. Mavs Man made several runs at the hoop launching form a trampoline, each time completing an acrobatic high jump slam dunk.

The pep rally concluded with all the cheerleaders, drill team members and basketball players facing the band to sing the school's song.

After the event all the the Midlothian basketball players lined up again outside the gym door so they could personally thank each guest for coming and welcoming them back for another season of Panthers basketball.