To the Editor,

My name is Rachel Ussery, and I am a sophomore student at Waxahachie Global High. Recently, there have been discussions of moving or even eliminating Global High.

The purpose of a school is to create an environment for children and teenagers to develop academically and socially. The aim of every school should be for its students to learn as much as they can and become good people. This means creating a safe place for students to be able to focus on their academics.

Global High School, with its small campus size and passionate teachers and student body, achieves this point of social prosperity. Our schoolís community has built a culture that is all its own. Students here are quick to feel accepted and wanted. During oneís freshman year at Global, the teachers and students alike help each student find their niche, whether it be something like TSA or Robotics or ballroom dancing. Each student has the chance to discover themselves while striving for academic excellence. Attending school in the TJ Wilemon building helps with this culture. No matter what, Global must remain a stand-alone campus. The addition of students who do not long for an academic focus like those that attend Global do would be a distraction as well as a threat to the safe environment of Global.

Likewise, the districtís focus on campus size is duly horrifying. The fact that Dr. Glenn believes that the expansion of campuses and addition of facilities will automatically decrease those that choose to leave public education for alternative choices makes me fear for the fate of our community. Half of Globalís students are from out of district. Globalís immigration rates are due to one thing: the environment there. I left my home district of Midlothian ISD for Global because I was attracted to the social and academic possibilities there. This is likewise with nearly all out of district students. If I had wanted to attend a large campus, I could have stuck with the track I was on and attend Midlothian High School. There needs to be more of a focus on the needs of students (elimination of bullying and oppressive ideologies such as racism and sexism, a focus on nurturing students and helping them with their educational needs, etc.) not only for the sake of Global High Schoolís existence, but for the betterment of the entire district.

Since coming to Global High School, I have become intrigued with the education reform movement. In fact, every student at Global most likely has something to say on the topic. Student voice is an important factor in the success of our community and nation. Please, let us speak.

Rachel Ussery,