After waiting more than an hour for Highland Park to get to Solis Gym on Friday, after the Scots bus broke down, the two teams finally got underway.

The game, which didn't count for or against either team was just a scrimmage for both teams, who are headed into the playoffs.

Highland Park beat the Indians in four sets, but the Lady Indians kept the game close throughout the match, even winning one set (22-25, 25-23, 21-25, 25-13).

Now the Indians are beginning the real deal Tuesday when they travel to play Dallas Adamson at the Jessie Owens Memorial Complex/ Davis Field House.

Waxahachie volleyball does not have any state title in their trophy case, but have made a deep playoff run for five consecutive years.

In the post season the first game will be for bi-district, which Waxahachie faces Adamson. Then they will advance to area, then regional quarters, regional semifinals, regional finals and finally the state tournament, which is played in Austin.

Coach Sandy Faussett says making such a deep run means your team is considered to be one of the top teams in the state.

“So if you make it to the regional tournament in 5A, then you've made it to the top 16 teams in the state,” Faussett said. “We've repeated that the last four or five years.”

Faussett also said that the region that Waxahachie plays in will be more difficult to compete in that the other regions across the state.

“That's because five of the top eight teams are in our region,” Fausett said. “So we have to get through them in order to the state tournament, and that changes from year to year.”

Some of the teams that are in the Lady Indians’ region that Faussett said are going to be tough are Prosper, Frisco Centennial, Frisco, Rockwall Heath.

Waxahachie has faced most of these teams either in tournaments or during the regular season this year.

“Prosper gave us trouble, just because we saw them right off the bat,” said Faussett. “We saw them really early before our younger players had a chance to make the leap into varsity experience. We also saw Prosper and Frisco early, but we never face Frisco Centennial. There’s just been some really good teams. We played a good match against Frisco, actually really good matches against Frisco and those are the games that make you better in the long run. While they might be losses, they sure helped us develop into a team.”

Faussett said the team’s blocking will be key to leading this team down a long run towards the state championship.

“There’s something that kind of stands out about our blocking,” Faussett said. “I feel like we’ve really done a good job when called upon to make blocks when needed. We’ve dug a lot of balls and fought hard for every point, so those are two areas that we will continue to focus on. We will also continue to try and get faster, because speed is your friend in this sport.”

The playoff game against Dallas Adamson will be at 6:30 p.m. at the Davis Field House in the Jessie Owens Memorial Complex, located at 9191 South Polk Street in Dallas. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students.