I’m wondering if the church today found a bush burning if they would just walk around it.  I’m trying to make sense out of our methodology.  To be clear I’m thinking about candy and bounce houses.

I just got through reading Mark 8:31-38 and Jesus throws some fastballs at Peter and the gang for how they were thinking or how they might be thinking.  It seems like the Rabbi was serious about following Him and what it takes to do so.

Making disciples is the mandate.  God has a mission and He has chosen the church to be a part of it … but we seem to be bent on being nice and wooing people into the kingdom.  I think we are teaching people they can just kind of slide in without being committed. Sometimes I wonder if the western church is more like a cult than the bride of Christ.

If someone read John 6:53 and flinched would we tell them, “Jesus, did not really mean that.”  It seemed like Jesus was always making the drinks stronger and stronger and stronger … in a way separating the fans from the followers.

Since I was a kid I have been bleeding purple.  My family has always encouraged others to #fearthefrog.  What I mean to say is we are TCU people.  It is good to be a frog these days but if you can remember the SWC you know that you didn’t see the horned frogs in too many Cotton Bowl games. I’m not talking about the early days with Slingin’ Sammy Baugh and the Dutch Meyer era (Coach Meyer told his team to, “Fight ‘em until Hell freezes over, then fight ‘em on the ice.”) … we have been hanging in there since the F. A. Dry days  (12-51-3), yeah, pretty hard to wear the old purple and white year after year. Even when Jim Wacker was there coaching “smash mouth football” we were still the door mat every Saturday.  

My point is Jesus is looking for people who will really follow Him, not just join the bandwagon when things are good, but people who understand that even when things are bad — it is all good (Romans 8:28).  

Are we teaching this between cake walks? If we get them “in” without mentioning the blood and the body are they really in? I’m starting to be confused myself … at a time when the church is selling diet books (The Daniel Plan, if Jesus was in His grave I’m sure He would be rolling over in it) and so I’m sure those that are a part of the post-church, post-Christian culture are unsure of what the church is really about.

Some would say Jesus knew how to throw a great party too … I don’t think feeding thousands of people who were tired and hungry on a hillside qualified as a party.

I’m old, tired, cynical and out of gas so you can disagree, but He told me to tell you that.  Happy November.  Glad Halloween is over and now we can sin by being a glutton at Thanksgiving.  

Ken Ansell is the pastor of Community Life Church in Waxahachie (www.communitylifechurch.tv). The church meets at 10:30 Sunday mornings at the Waxahachie Country Club.