To the Editor,

In a brief few days, we will know the results of most of the midterm elections. Should it be true that God permits us to have a Senate and House in D.C. run by Republicans, the question will be, “What should they do first when they are sworn in next year?” Options range from repeal of the unpopular Democrat attack on healthcare, to the Keystone pipeline,  to addressing first the public health issues regarding Ebola.  

There are arguments from friendly critics to make the first official action a positive statement, such as the Keystone pipeline to initiate the opportunity to create jobs. With this, making it economically attractive for offshore investors to bring back money to strengthen the economy by ending the punitive highest tax rate on reinvestment in the world would be good, too.  (There are trillions overseas because it’s nuts to reinvest it here just to give it to a government $17 trillion in debt! ) But, end the unfair tax rate and it will create jobs!

Eventually, they will have to vote on what they will do about the so-called “Affordable Care Act,”,which ended the existence of a health care policy for five million citizens a little more than a year ago. The whole stuffy package of junk can be effectively turned into a toothless tiger by ending the hateful mandate to buy insurance. Just by making it optional for everyone and releasing all citizens and all businesses and all local, county, and state governments from the vicious mandate would be a stroke of political genius. Why? Because it would still permit those who think they are going to benefit to buy into it, but it would cease to punish the overwhelming majority of hard-working people who know that they can do better without it!

Also, the Republicans would not have to unravel the whole thing if the mandate were dead and buried! That is a beautiful possibility for the whole country. Freedom would be encouraged to offer people something better and most people would probably want the alternatives. For example, the mainstream press has never yet allowed much of a fair discussion of Republican ideas like the ownership of every single American of a personal health savings account. If the mandate were ended, and the substance of urging all to obtain affordable coverage, which many people still think is a good idea, then the trend would become toward real liberty. Personal health savings accounts could transform thinking away from government dependence for future generations. Politically, this would be bigger than facebook or cell phones! It would truly cause a grassroots revolution AGAINST NANNY GOVERNMENT like we’ve never seen!

If God ever permits us to start buying personal healthcare savings accounts as a normal option for all of our children and grandchildren from birth to keep until adulthood as long as they wish, socialism would have a major, major, major battle on its hands to continue enslaving so many millions of our fellow citizens!

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,