To the Editor,

Election day is upon us. So, we best get cracking. I beg each one of us to PLEASE get it right this time. Let us all look around to where we are at and see what this President has done for or against the American people.Well, he has done everything so far against us. He closed vast areas of California farm land to farmers in favor of a little two-inch fish. He also has killed our space program. Now when our astronauts go into space, we pay Russia millions of dollars. He has also killed the Keystone pipeline which would have added millions of dollars in jobs which are desperately needed by American men and women. The last day of last year, he closed the very last lead smelter in America. Now, when we need lead, guess what? That’s right, we have to dig it out of the ground, ship it overseas, to a lead smelter and they ship it back to us. Have you noticed the scarcity of firearm ammunition? And, when you do find some, it is three to four times what it used to be. Remember what he said,shortly after becoming President? “Oh, they can build all the coal mines they want to; but I will tax them so much they will not be able to make any money.” Now, every word of this is the truth, the whole truth. Now, you have to make up your own mind. Do you vote for the American people or, do you vote for Obama? And now let us borrow a cute little saying that he is fond of saying: “It’s the right thing to do for the American people.”

David Nance,