(StatePoint) 2014 will go down in history as the year smart home technology went mainstream. Rapidly evolving security, entertainment, cleaning and mobile technology have made home automation more affordable and easier to integrate than ever before. And this holiday season is the perfect time to give yourself and others the gift of smart home convenience.

Feel like youíre still living the Stone Age? No need to fret, there are ways to modernize almost every part of your home.†

Front Door

Arms full of holiday shopping bags or hands covered in clunky gloves? Ditch fumbling with your keys in the cold and upgrade your front door with the Kwikset Kevo powered by UniKey. Featuring Touch-To-Open technology, unlocking the front door is as simple as tapping your lock, without needing to remove your phone from your pocket. Have holiday guests visiting? No problem! Send them an electronic key (eKey) to grant them instant access.

Living Room

A leading trend for audio products has been to make them as small and unobtrusive as possible. For the music and home theater enthusiast, a smartly engineered pair of compact speakers, such as SVS Prime Satellite speakers, can produce big-time dynamics from a tiny cabinet so you can enjoy holiday classics without the bulky audio equipment. †


Cleaning the garage used to be a pain, but smart home technology can make it quick and convenient. For example, the mountable Vroom Garage Vac from H-P Products has an attached 40 foot hose that can help you remove sawdust, metal shavings, sand, debris and even tiny shreds of wrapping paper from the furthest reaches of any garage, basement, or workshop, eliminating the need for schlepping a bulky shop vac. There now are smarter ways to keep garage messes under control and even vacuum the car.

A clean garage deserves an intelligent garage door. Linearís Z-Wave Garage Door Operator Remote Controller allows you to open, control, and monitor your sectional garage door from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Last second delivery, but nobody is home? Lying in bed, but canít remember if you closed the garage door? †Now you can easily monitor and manage your garage door or use the controller to easily grant guests access via the garage.

The Driveway

If youíre working in your driveway or yard, why not use the time to listen to your favorite holiday music while protecting your hearing? Headphones like Tough Sounds from ION Audio have you covered. Perfect for outdoor work or for streaming music inside, the ruggedly crafted Tough Sound hearing protection Wireless headphones with Bluetooth reduce external noise by 25 decibels, while letting you listen to AM/FM Radio or your own tunes streamed from your favorite device. Tough Sounds also allow you to make and receive calls so you can take advantage of hands-free communication while you work. †††

This holiday, invest in some smart tech that make this particularly busy season less stressful, and reap the benefits all year long.


Photo Credit: (c) Linear LLC