(StatePoint) Winter weather can bring with it the potential for slippery steps, power outages and other seasonal hazards. By being prepared in advance, you can weather the storm more comfortably and safely.

Here are some crucial things to consider this season:

Staying Powered

While reading by candlelight is charming when it is by choice, a power outage is a different story. Losing power is not just an inconvenience; it could mean being unable to communicate with loved ones, spoiled food, and dangerous dips in indoor temperature.

Having a working generator is crucial. If you have one already, make sure it is serviced and in working order so that in the event of a storm it is ready to go. If youíre in the market for a generator, visit www.BriggsAndStratton.com to find a generator that best fits your needs for what you want to power.

Remember to operate your generator safely. Never run a generator inside enclosed spaces. Carbon monoxide can build up quickly and linger, even after a generator is shut off. Locate the unit outside in a place where water canít reach it, and direct the exhaust away from the home. For more generator safety tips, visit www.BriggsAndStratton.com.

Ice Safety

Your driveway and front stoop can pose a hazard to your family and visitors when these areas become slick. Keep rock salt on hand to melt ice. And if it snows, donít wait too long to shovel, as taking on too much heft at once can be strenuous on oneís heart.

Additionally, make sure your home is well-equipped with a winter weather safety kit. Bandages, antiseptic, and antibiotic ointment are all must-haves for a first aid kit. Also, be sure you have a well-stocked cabinet complete with non-perishable food, baby food, medications and a supply of water that can last your family several days.

This winter season, make preparations so you can stay safe and stay comfortable.