To the Editor,

We are hearing much wailing and gnashing of teeth over Burger King’s soon departure for “the Great White North” and how unpatriotic that corporation is. There’s the whining of corporations about how they have to have the Export-Import Bank in place to enable them to compete in the global market and if it’s charter is not renewed then they will suffer greatly. Both of these current “catastrophes” are the result of the same root problem — the U.S. Tax Code and the accompanying burgeoning regulatory edicts from a host of unconstitutional governmental agencies.

Burger King and all other businesses have one purpose — to make a profit and in doing so provide services/products the marketplace desires, thereby providing an improved quality of life for their customers and employment for countless individuals. However, when tax rates are so confiscatory that it inhibits the earning of a profit commensurate with the risk taken to earn that profit, businesses either close up shop or look for economies that are more conducive to profit-making. This explains Burger King’s decision along with a similar decision by several other corporations in recent years. Yet, it is claimed, this is why the EX-IM Bank is necessary so that companies will stay in the U.S. and be profitable by having a competitive edge in the global marketplace — after all, governments in other countries subsidize their home corporations. Without such subsidizes, they cry, businesses will suffer and unemployment will increase. Such reasoning is, in a word, stupid.

If taxes and regulations are what place U.S. companies at a competitive disadvantage, then why not remove those impediments instead of saddling taxpayers with the inbreeding of crony capitalism? It is such a simple idea it is stunning that our politicians don’t take that route. Of course, if they were, they would lose much of their control over us and these corporations as they could no longer dole out such favors and ensure their re-election.

If we were to eliminate our tax system and go to say a consumption tax basis, eliminate such onerous agencies as the IRS, DOL, EPA, DOE, etc., and their poisonous regulations, then instead of businesses fleeing the U.S., companies and the increased employment and economic boom they would create would come flooding to the US.

As they say, “it’s basic Economics 101” folks. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this is the root cause of the problem and what the solution is. What we all have to be, however, is active and educated citizens who will vote these career politicians out of office and elect individuals like ourselves who will do what is right and best for the future of our country.

Frank Kuchar,

Arlington, Texas