To the Editor,

First off, can I just say wow? I attended Ellis County Commissioners Court Monday, Aug. 25. I have never been very involved in politics, until now. I spoke on the budget regarding the elimination of Deputy Sergeant Brad Elliott’s position.

I sat in the courtroom and listened to several other people speak on behalf of Brad Elliott and what he does for this county. I listened to people describe him as a passionate and caring individual who pours his heart into his job. I have seen Brad Elliott first hand; I have also seen the benefit he provides to citizens of Ellis County by being available on and off the clock.

I met Brad Elliott when I was previously managing an oil change/inspection station here in Ellis County. Brad came to me and informed me that there were illegal inspections being conducted by inspectors. After it being brought to my attention, we addressed the issues we were not aware of. Brad Elliott assisted in educating inspectors at the station and worked with them in a partnership to help eliminate future possible illegal activities.

Brad Elliott stopped by the shop on a regular basis and checked up on the inspectors. I can remember a few occasions when we even received letters in the mail thanking us for a job well done. These letters were from Brad Elliott and the commissioners court I addressed on Monday.

I was amazed at the court’s decision after the demonstration and genuine concern I have seen Brad Elliott demonstrate for safety and well being of this county. I have witnessed his integrity numerous times when he visited my station. I cannot believe that you would even consider eliminating the position he fills. I was even more amazed to sit and listen to what appeared to me as personal feelings being aired by one individual in commissioners court on Monday.

I heard almost all of the commissioners speak highly of Brad Elliott and the job he does. I heard the commissioner who spoke the loudest about numbers and not really any difference between other JP courts’ numbers and Brad’s numbers being the same. Like I stated previously, I have never really been involved in politics until now. The comparison of an entire JP office to one individual seems to be “SKEWED” I believe was the way you said it.

I heard numerous citizens from the county voice the same positive things about Brad Elliott. Brad Elliott’s boss got up and spoke on behalf of the job Brad does for the county with passion in which he serves. I then heard the county judge call out the sheriff and ask him why he did not give Brad Elliott a job. I guess she forgot that she reduced his budget too and did not allocate any positions to facilitate Brad continuing in the manner he is even if he went to the sheriff’s office to work. I do not think a jailer position is going to facilitate a person out working and serving the public the way Brad Elliott does on a regular basis.

With all this being said, please assure me that you are acting in the best interest of the citizens of this county and not making as Mr. Schoolfield called it, “political games.”

My question to the commissioners court is this. Is your decision based on a true concern and care for public safety for Ellis County residents or is your decision based upon personal feelings? As a taxpayer and voter in this county I am embarrassed that we have elected leaders who cannot put personal differences aside and make solid sound decision for those affected by the choices you make.

I would hope that the court would reconsider the elimination of Brad Elliott’s position for the simple fact of what Judge Bush said in her budget presentation. The county is growing and expanding rapidly, do not put my family’s public safety in jeopardy because of personal issues you may have with other elected officials.

David Goss,

Ellis County Resident