To the Editor,

You can count me as being in James Wilkinsí corner on this one (traffic enforcement). About six months ago, I was driving north on North College Street. I was in front of C.A.Wilson when a car passed me, (I was driving the speed limit). The car was driving in the turn lane.About half a block before he/she got to Marvin Avenue, they got in the southbound lane. Here came a Waxahachie police car eastbound on Marvin. It tried to turn southbound on college street. It had to squeeze by the curb to avoid a head on collision. The other car turned the corner, while the police car went on toward downtown.

What is it with Waxahachie drivers any how? Where the speed limit is 30, they all drive 40. Where the speed limit is 40, they all drive 30. Go figure.†††

David Nance,