To the Editor,

I think it necessary to respond to two letters recently printed stating opposition to the Christian plaques on Midlothian school buildings. I am partly on their side, as a follower of the Christ, but only halfway. I agree that Christians today need to come out of the woodwork, so to speak, and tell the good news of God’s love to everyone, for the “good news” is for everybody.

Yet I cannot agree with the sentiment expressed in the letters. First, Jesus taught us to love our neighbors, listen to them and allow them to speak their mind. We are to “live peaceably with all mankind, in as much as is possible.” One writer said, “Christians ought to … aggressively attack those that attack us and our rights!” Such a statement is contrary to the spirit of the Lord Jesus: He chose a different way: to turn the other cheek, to love and forgive, even to die. Attacking someone is not even a wise approach to those on the other side of any issue.

It is completely clear that the words on one plaque shown in the paper are not words which belong on a public school building. They belong on the wall of a Christian school or at a church. Our community is made up of nonbelievers, people of other religions; not all the students in either school are believing Christians. They have rights as well, and the duty of all of us is to “get along.”

I agree with the writers in saying that Christians seem afraid to be all that they are, that they (we) are complacent. That being the case, let us live in love, lift up the light, and let God do His purposeful work.

Carey Moore,