FERRIS – With a few changes by City Manager Dennis Burn, the city council unanimously approved the adoption of the 2014-2015 city budget. Other budget items also approved were the tax rolls of Dallas and Ellis Counties and the ad valorem property tax rates.

The final change Burn recommended to the council was an increase in the 4B EDC budget from $46,000 to $60,000.

”These funds are to equip and furnish the Scout House,” Burn said.

Burn’s also recommended an increase in Information Technology budgeted expenditures. A one-time $4,000 increase was added for a one-time branding fee so the city can continue providing an app for Apple and Android users.

“There are many benefits to our citizens and to others for providing this app,” Burn said.

Revisions to the general budget include adding $25,000 to general fund revenues and adding $25,000 to general fund expenditures to the street budget.

The additional revenues were pledged by the trustees of the Ferris school board for their support of the Yellow Jacket Trail project.

“There will be no increase in the ad valorem property tax rate,” Burn said. The total tax rate approved is $0.687134 per $100 of property valuation.

Burn received the go ahead to proceed on the project to improve the city’s soccer fields. “Plans and specifications have been prepared by the Wallace Group for improvements to the Ferris soccer Fields,” Burn said. The estimated cost of the project is $103,660.

“I’m ready to get with the program and get it done for our community. It is a mess down there. We need to get it done for our kids,” Councilwoman Carol Wright said.

The council approved Burn’s request unanimously to begin solicitation for competitive bids. Once the bids are received and tabulated, Burn will place the item on the agenda for consideration.

“This is the first step to get the field in a condition to play on,” Burn said.