To the Editor,

Interesting that statements were made by prominent Republicans recently on “ reaching out” to certain minority groups.

If indeed the policies that would include the interests of these groups were already in place as part of the Republican platform, why the need to “ reach out?”

Even to the most casual observer, the planks that were adopted during the recent state convention in Dallas proves that the walk doesn’t match the talk.

Or even tries to.

There is the reality that one vehicle of thought doesn’t have to seek to find ways to include others.

Simply because it already does that by it’s respectful inclusion through accepting those under the banner of the freedom to think for and to be true to themselves without having to trade that for party representation.

It is called the Democratic Party of Texas.

And it says “Welcome to all.”

Vote Wendy Davis and return Texas to Texans.

Vote Democratic and make Texas what she was meant to be.

And we welcome even those Republicans who already don’t need to  “reach out.”

That’s the way I see it.

Alan Fox,