Waxahachie students are expected to meet standards, according to preliminary results for this year’s 2013-204 State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

Deputy Superintendent David Truitt presented the unofficial results to the board during their monthly general body meeting on Monday night.

Based on his preliminary findings, Truitt said, the district will achieve the “met standard” rating for state accountability for standardized testing he said.  These ratings are determined by student performance on the STAAR grades three through eight, and end-of-course assessments, which is measured against students passing standards and college-readiness standards, drop out rates for grades nine through 12 and high school graduation rates, according to the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) website.

A hundred and thirteen out of 152 district indicator, which is lower than last year, he said, either maintained or gained levels of improvement.

His only concern, he said, was where the district stood as far as Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), which is criteria districts, campuses and the state is required to meet on three measures of Reading/Language Arts, mathematics and either graduation rate for high schools and districts or attendance rate for elementary and middle schools, according to the TEA website.  If a campus, district or state that is receiving Title I, Part A funds fails to meet AYP for two consecutive years, the campus, district or state could face certain requirements like offering supplemental education services, school choice or take corrective action.

“The reason why I’m a little concerned about it is several campuses, and at the district level, were right at the cut off in a couple different areas,” he said. “Economically disadvantaged, African American, English Language Learner and our Special Ed scores. The reason this one is a little more concerning is at the federal level, a student group only has to have 20 students in it, and so we’re right there on the cups at a number of different places, practically at the district level after you average in all the kids.”

The final STAAR results won’t be released until later in the year, but the district will see another report in July on where the district is currently standing to meet requirements for House Bill 5, which will change the requirements for high school graduation, graduation planning and state testing requirements on all levels.

Truitt said he’s looking forward to presenting that information to see what preparation and planning needs to be done before the school year starts.

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