The National of Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), Chapter 1191, held their monthly meeting in Ennis, Texas.  

Dan Kieninger spoke about the mission of the Texas Cemetery Restoration company and how the company got started by the owner James “Rusty” Brenner.

The Texas Cemetery Restoration company mission is to offer exceptional conservation, preservation and restoration services to individuals and cemetery associations for their cemetery and monument restoration projects.

It includes cemetery assessments, leveling, cleaning, and repair of damaged or broken monuments.  

Almost all of the work is done onsite at the cemetery, rarely are monuments removed from the cemetery for preservation. This is to ensure the monuments are not exposed to any more risk from handling and transporting than is necessary.

The Architectural Designers generate a Cemetery Map in AutoCad, drawing existing grave locations, tombstones, structures, roads, trees, other cemetery features, and finally new burial locations.  

They assign grave reference locations on the map for reference to the corresponding Database, and also create an expandable Database that is referenced to the GPS Cemetery Map.  

The database can be generated into several user friendly programs for easy grave identification information for cemetery record personnel.

The company has over 15 years’ experience in monument conservation. Rusty started the monument preservation business while working with his father at his monument company in Crockett, Texas as a teenager.  He fell in love visiting old cemeteries, photographing old tombstones, and learning about the history of the people who settled this land and made it home.

When he was about nineteen years old, he decided someone needed to preserve the beautiful monuments that memorialized our ancestors. And so Texas Cemetery Restoration Company was born.  

If you or your cemetery association is considering starting a preservation or restoration project and you would like more information, contact Daniel Kieninger or Rusty Brenner at (214) 686-0014 or  

NARFE members remember Chapter Service Officers are always available to answer questions and to assist in a variety of federal benefit matters or use the Service Center listings on the NARFE website,   

For membership information, please call the nearest community to you, in Midlothian call 972-268-5793 or 972-775-2463, in Waxahachie call 469-939-8102, Ennis call 214-949-6197, Red Oak call 412-722-6307, and in Corsicana call 903-874-3092.