To the Editor,

My name is Darlyn Ardon Sierra. I moved from the Honduras to the United States at the age of 14. I attended three high schools in California and Texas before moving to Waxahachie. At that point in my life, I was thinking about dropping out but decided to give school one more try. I am living proof of what Mrs. Kriegelís caring did for the kids. She worked with my counselor on getting everything transferred to Waxahachie. She also made sure that I received the tutoring necessary for the TAKS test. As a result of helping me, guiding me, I graduated with the Class of 2010.

She still keeps up with me and my family today. Of course, she is after me to go to college. I know that she stays after me because she cares. I believe that she will be a great school board member because she will always look out for all kids.

Please vote for Mrs. Kriegel, she cares for WISD, the students and the faculty.

Darlyn Sierra,