To the Editor,

I urge each Waxahachie citizen to go out and vote.  I support and am voting for Mike Lee for one of the two positions in the School Board election.  I have known Mike since he came here in 1989 as the Administrator of Baylor Medical Center in Waxahachie.   

Each time I serve with him, I find more and more to like and admire.  I am confident in his leadership skills and proud of his service rendered. He comes to meetings prepared and, then, participates. I find him wise, thoughtful, cooperative, a good listener, self-motivated and focused on the task at hand.  

He currently serves as a Director/Executive Vice President at Citizens National Bank of Texas where he works to create strategic alliances with other organization leaders to support various business initiatives. He has experience in Human Resources, budgeting, employee and customer relationships. He uses his skills and training without micro-managing.  Mike is mature in his wisdom, insightful in his application, knowledgeable in his fields, and enthusiastic about the students and community. He volunteers for service and serves on several other local boards and agencies.  His reputation as a leader, contributor, and problem solver are well known and documented. His skills are tempered with compassion.  

Serving on the school board for the past three years, he has established himself as a positive influence navigating to solutions and helping to make WISD into a better educational value in the county. He has served our children well so let us re-elect him to serve another term.  

Vote for Mike Lee.

Leroy Fenton,