To the Editor,

It has been my pleasure and my honor to have had Mike Lee in my life for the past 10 years. His resume of accomplishments and the list of ways he has given back to this community speak for themselves, and speak to the type of man Mike Lee is. His beautiful wife, Ann Lee, speaks to the type of Husband he is and his children and their successes speak to the type of Father he is. I would like to speak to the type of human being Mike Lee is from the perspective of him haven been one of my greatest mentors. Mike Lee is a gentle man who sees the best in every person.  He is patient and kind and is never too busy to listen; honestly listen. He cares about people and sees them as more then resources but, the spokes that turn the wheel of business and life.  

Mike Lee makes decisions based upon the facts, the truth, and what is in the best interest of the people.  He does this with an integrity which is sadly rare in this world.  

Mike Lee is an exceptional human being.  Waxahachie Independent School District is lucky to have Mike looking after its future.   Re-elect Mike Lee on May 10.

Kim H. Phillips


Amia Fundraising, LLC